Acts 1:1-3: “The Introduction to the Church Pt. 1”

Acts 1:1-11: “The Introduction of the Church Pt. 2”

Acts 2:1-13: “The Birth of the Church”

Acts 2:14-41: “The Message of the Church”

Acts 2:42-47: “What is Christianity?”

Acts 3:1-26: “The Value of the Gospel”

Acts 4:1-12:”The Only Name”

Acts 4:13-22: “Here I Stand”

Acts 4:23-31: “A Prayerful Response”

Acts 4:32-5:11: “The Seriousness Of Sin”

Acts 5:12-42: “The Power of God”

Acts 6:1-7: “The Importance of the Word of God”

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Acts 6:8-15: “A Faithful Life”

Acts 7:1-53: “A Faithful Message”

Acts 7:54-60: “A Faithful Death”

Acts 8:1-25: “A Great Move of God”

Acts 8:26-40: “A Salvation Story”

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Acts 9:1-19: “A Life Changing Encounter”

Acts 9:20-31: “The Transformation of Paul”

Acts 9:32-43: “The Overlooked Miracles of Christ”

Acts 10:1-11:18 (Eph. 2:11-19): “Outsiders Welcome”

Acts 11:19-30: “The First Christian Church”

Acts 12: “The Unstoppable Church”