SErmon Series

Matthew 1:1-17: “The Genealogy of the King”

Matthew 1:18-25: “The Birth of the King”

Matthew 2:1-12: “The Worship of the King”

Matthew 2:13-23: “The Other Side of Christmas”

Matthew 3:1-12: “The King is Coming”

Matthew 3:13-17: “The Baptism of Christ”

Matthew 4:1-11: “The Battle of the Ages”

Matthew 4:12-17: “A Light in the Darkness”

Matthew 4:18-22: “What Does It Mean to Follow Christ?”

Matthew 4:23-25: “The Marvelous Life of Christ”

Matthew 5:1-3: “The Blessed Life”

Matthew 5:4: “The Broken-hearted Life”

Matthew 5:5: “The Meek Life”

Matthew 5:6: “The Satisfied Life”

Matthew 5:7: “The Merciful Life”

Matthew 5:8: “The Pure Life”

Matthew 5:9: “The Peaceful Life”

Matthew 5:10-12: “The Persecuted Life”

Matthew 5:13-16: “Salt & Light”

Matthew 5:17-20: “Laying Down the Law”

Matthew 5:21-26: “The Danger of Anger”

Matthew 5:27-30: “What Does Jesus Say About Adultery?”

Matthew 5:33-37: “What Does Jesus Say About Lying?”

Matthew 5:38-42: “What Does Jesus Say About Revenge?”

Matthew 5:43-48: “What Does Jesus Say About Love?”

Matthew 6:1-4: “Don’t Be A Hypocrite in Giving”

Matthew 6:5-8: “Don’t Pray Like A Hypocrite”

Matthew 6:9-15: “The Lord’s Prayer”


Matthew 2:1-12: “The Reason for the Season” Christmas Sermon