What Sets Us Apart

“What sets West End apart from other churches?” We are glad you asked!

We believe these attributes are what sets us apart from other churches.

If these are what you are looking for, then West End is the church for you.

Expository Preaching

We believe in teaching through the books of the bible verse by verse.

We know this isn’t the only way to teach the bible, but we believe it is the best way.

If this is how you want to learn the bible, then West End is the church for you.


God Centered Worship

We believe that worship is to be pleasing to God, not man.

We choose music that is full of biblical truth, and we sing it together as a congregation because we believe that it is what pleases God.

If this is the type of worship you are looking for, then West End is the church for you.

Authentic Relationships

Churches have a tendency to be cliquish and base their relationships on what people have in common. This creates superficial relationships that are based on age, social status, race, and hobbies.

At West End we want relationships that are based on the one thing we should have in common, and that is a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. This creates authentic relationships that are loving, encouraging, and edifying.

If this is the kind of relationship you are looking for, then West End is the church for you.

Local & Global Ministry

All churches exist to proclaim the gospel and make disciples locally and globally.

This shouldn’t set us apart from any other church, but it does.

If you want to be a part of a church that is changing the world with the power of the gospel, then West End is the church for you.

Standing in the Gap

Here at West End Baptist Church we believe expository preaching is the best way to learn the Bible. That is why we have started a new ministry called Standing in the Gap. We have three different formats for you to learn by. First, we have Standing on the Word, which gives you an exposited sermon with a question and answer at the end regarding the sermon. Second, we have Standing Under Fire where the pastor is asked a theological or doctrinal question and gives a Biblical answer. Third, and last, we have Standing Alone, where we join the pastor as he discusses topical issues dealing with the Christian life. We hope you enjoy each of these podcasts. If you have any questions please eMail Us .

We still have our older sermons on here if you are looking for an older sermon please click here to reach our sermon archive.


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