Theology Matters


This is a list of theologically sound websites/podcasts to use for furthering your knowledge and understanding of biblical doctrine. Doctrine is, simply stated, what you believe.

These websites/podcasts will help you to have further understanding of biblical truth.


LigonierGrace To YouOne Passion / Truth for Life CARM


5 Minutes in Church History: Stephen Nichols / Open Book: Stephen Nichols

Expositor: Steven J. Lawson

Sheologians / Theology Gals

Grace Pulpit: Grace Community Church / Grace to You: John MacArthur

Thinking in Public: Albert Mohler / The Briefing: Albert Mohler

Renewing Your Mind: Ligonier Ministries / Renewing Your Mind Minute: Ligonier Ministries / Ligonier Interview Archives: Ligonier Ministries


Canons of Dort / Westminster Catechism (Short/Larger) / Heidelberg Catechism / Belgic Confession